Do You Protect Me from Domain Name Sniping?

We cannot guarantee protection from domain name sniping; no one can.

To protect your investment, domain registration should be paid for at the time the domain is ordered, and the payment must have time to process. It might be a good strategy to buy a desired domain name before purchasing hosting for that domain.

How Can My Domain Name Get Sniped?

There are plenty of ways that a domain can be obtained through sniping. Some of the most common methods are listed below.

  • It is possible someone else registered the domain name before you did, and the domain still showed as available when checking the availability.
  • It happens often that someone orders a domain registration but does not render payment immediately. In that case, anyone else can register the domain name and get it before you do.
  • It is also possible after searching for available domain names at another website that registers domains. Some of these registrars are not ethical and have been known to steal domain ideas and then auction the domain back for a much more expensive price.

Remember: You can trust us to never snipe any domains queried. We are a reputable registrar, and we will stay that way. Feel free to use our tools and services to search for your potential domain names.

How to Prevent Domain Sniping

Fortunately, ICANN does attempt to discourage this practice by limiting the number of domain name refunds that are allowed by a registrar. If the domain cannot be refunded, then the corrupt registrar is less likely to risk their money.